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The Cloverleaf Integration Suite provides secure integration messaging, monitoring, archiving, resiliency, and cost efficient interoperability via industry standard protocol and web services. It’s proven scalability delivers native support for a broad selection of healthcare standards, including HL7, NCPDP, X12 and more.  Micro Star is a business partner of  – Cloverleaf, which has
more end users than any other interface engine in healthcare.

About Cloverleaf Products

Cloverleaf Data Integrator

Database Integration and Access

Get Cloverleaf-to-database integration to single or multi-vendor database management systems faster.

Obtain Data From Disparate Systems and Sources

Now, more than ever, clinicians are in need of fast, accurate access to all sources of patient data at the point of care.
Cloverleaf Data Integrator streamlines your search for patient records and other life-sustaining information.

An open database connectivity component, Data Integrator:

  • Connects single or multi-vendor databases within your healthcare integration environment

  • Allows disparate systems to access and add data in Open DataBase Connectivity, ODBC-compliant databases

  • Implements without the time-consuming need to write separate upload programs for each database

  • Lets Cloverleaf users integrate and interoperate with industry-leading database management systems (DBMS)

  • Makes it possible to write the SQL command generically once to handle the specific SQL execution that a proprietary database manages.


Cloverleaf Global Monitor

Web-Based Healthcare System Monitoring

Monitor and control your Cloverleaf environments with ease from your desktop, tablet or any of your connected devices.

Track and control your Cloverleaf environments – throughout all Cloverleaf sites – within a single Web browser. The entire healthcare organization benefits, too, with:

  • Customized views for non technical based staff to access appropriate interfaces with ease
  • “Smart” views to specific users defined by sites, processes and threads
  • Ability for authorized users to start/stop sites, processes and threads as needed
  • Increased accessibility to allow your facility to review issues from any internet access point

Cloverleaf High Availability

High Availability of Healthcare Systems

Access to healthcare information is a critical component to providing quality patient care.  Access to this data may be jeopardized by power outages, failed hardware, and operating system failures and HA allows a backup to alleviate the risk of critical data loss.  Successful healthcare organizations closely consider system designs and implementations to achieve the highest possible degree of availability.

Achieve Continual Access to Vital Healthcare Systems and Data

Cloverleaf, configured for high availability (HA), helps assure you of continuous system availability. Cloverleaf Availability offers 3 configurations to offer the appropriate option to your facility.

Cloverleaf IHE Infrastructure Adaptor

IHE and Health Information Exchange, SimplifiedIHE  drives the process to define, test and implement standards-based interoperability among a wide variety of disparate healthcare systems.Infor Cloverleaf IHE Infrastructure Adaptor enables you to integrate your non-IHE enabled legacy applications into IHE frameworks.  As a result, you may share critical care data within your healthcare organization, outside your four walls into health information exchanges and networks.

Cloverleaf Message Warehouse

Capture Messages To and From Cloverleaf Into a Warehouse

Send and collect messages into a single database management system that is Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) compliant.

With additional tools, you can mine, analyze or report on this data to retrieve the key metrics you require to measure and thereby reduce costs, streamline operations and improve patient care even further.

Cloverleaf Secure Courier

Secure Data Exchange and Remote ConnectivityHealthcare data typically resides in separate, disparate enterprise applications across multiple locations, including local EMR systems in physicians’ offices. These locations can be difficult to connect to and manage. Once the connection is made, data needs to be translated, standardized, routed and securely delivered to the correct providers.

Secure Internet Data Exchange, No Hardware RequiredCloverleaf Secure Courier helps meet these requirements by connecting you to multiple healthcare providers’ offices so you can efficiently send and receive data via the internet. No additional hardware is required to operate this “lightweight” application.