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Monthly Support Services

Finding a full time IT staff with all the versatile skills and product knowledge your IT dept needs can be difficult.   Managing multiple projects while focusing on core values and everyday tasks can delay the successes of integration.  We can handle all of the HL7 needs within the healthcare IT department.   Our staff, with decades of experience and vast, niche knowledge of HIT allows  projects to get done, quickly, seamlessly, and economically.

Imagine how comforting it will be to know you have a team of reliable HL7 experts at your service each month, no matter what direction your projects take.

Quotes of the monthly services are based on the hours of monthly needs anticipated by Micro Star.  These terms vary based on current needs, size of infrastructure, and existing software platforms.  Your hours roll over and are never wasted.

Ex:  Company JB uses 20 hours of a 40 hour support contract                                    Company JB is billed for the same monthly price as usual, but now has a surplus of 20 hours.

By enrolling in Micro Star’s 2 year monthly services program you can save money on hourly pricing and have one of the best interfacing systems teams at your disposal.  The organization can plan a budget more accordingly knowing how much it will send on HL7 support services each month.

Each account has different goals in integration.  Whether your needs are converting to a new software, developing new interfaces, striving to meet standards for meaningful use,  or sharing new information in your integrated data environment- the Micro Star team can provide customized help along step of of the way.

This service is literally time, to get connected.  Please consult us today to get started!