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Interface Engines in Health Services

The integration of interfaces allows data to be created and updated in one application making it seamlessly available in many other applications.

Information created in one system of your facility can be available in multiple systems and departments such as pathology, radiology, ambulatory, lab, and pharmacy etc.  The common protocol for interface information accessibility is  HL7, Health Level 7, a standard for exchanging information between medical applications.
This language is commonly used and is translated through the use of an HL7 interface.  Micro Star consultants service HL7 interfaces allowing immediate translation of vital information for your facilities.  An Interface engine is main portal for data,  providing a go-between for multiple interfaces to be translated, intersected, and utilized quickly through many threads rather than just individual points between two applications.

Interface engines typically provide functionality such as:

  • Interoperability
  • guaranteed store and forward of messages
    “out of the box” support for the HL7 standard
  • message translation (moving and modifying fields within the HL7 message
  • message routing (messages received from one application and sent to many applications)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) based configuration and management tools
  • Alerts and monitoring

Micro Star consultants are experts in Cloverleaf, EGate, Impact/EBiz, Rhapsody, HL7 Connect,  Mirth engines and other major interface engines used in Healthcare.